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Click manage my plan

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Click switch to annual payment

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Note: All plans include Unlimited Nationwide Talk & Text

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The more data you use the more you save.

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Every month you have the power and flexibility to add one-time data - right from your app. It's only $5 per GB.

"I paid $183 for a full year of wireless service, which is an amazing value."

Stephen T.

Our members agree!

"The Annual Payment Option helps us save even more money on a per-month basis."


No. We will let you know that your plan is up for renewal and allow you to select annual payment for the next year. If you do not renew your annual payment, we will automatically place you back on monthly My Choice payments.

At the end of the year, will my annual payment auto-renew?

Frequently asked questions

No. Once you have made your yearly payment, you cannot change your plan. However, you can still add one time data anytime for just $5 per GB.

Can I change my plan if I am on the Annual Payment Option?

No. The purchase of a new phone will not affect the price or length of your plan.

Will my annual payment be affected if I purchase a new phone during the year?

You can select how you want to pay for each My Choice service line on your account. For example, if you have 2 service lines on your account on a My Choice plan, one can be on monthly payments and the other on annual payment.

What if I only want to pay annually for certain service lines on my account?

No. Our annual payment option is only available for out My Choice plan. If you are on a Republic 1.0 plan or a Republic Refund (2.0) plan, you will need to upgrade to our My Choice plan to pay annually.

Are annual payments available for all of your plans?

* The Annual Payment Option is a pre-paid, non-refundable payment option allowing payment for one (1) year of service for the My Choice Plan

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