You deserve more from your cell phone carrier.

Giving you 50% off is how we say thanks.

Data plans start as low as $10 monthly to celebrate educators who, like us, recognize the importance of a phone-life balance. For those who, every day, empower the students in your schools to establish healthy relationships with technology and screens, we have a 50% discount for you - real savings you can spend on the things that matter most.

You have the ultimate in flexibility with Republic Wireless. You decide how much data you need and what you pay. Using the Republic Wireless app, add or remove data as needed, with no contracts and no surprises. 

You are in control.

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14-day money-back coverage guarantee

US-based multichannel support

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With Republic Wireless, you get a nationwide 4G LTE network, giving you coverage everywhere you live, work, play, and travel.

Check your current phone's compatibility to see if all you need is a SIM card kit.

Bring Your Own Phone

Shop our Android phones ranging from $99 to $719. We have something for every budget.

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"I decided to give Republic a try with a cheap phone, knowing if I didn't like it, there was no contract. The real test was taking the phone on a road trip from FL to SC. The service was great everywhere!"

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"It's the best deal around for cell phone providers. Why pay more than you have to? Wouldn't you rather be spending your money on a vacation?"

Republic Member Since 2016

Republic Member Since 2015

"I love my bill! I am someone who used to pay thousands of dollars with hidden fees, overage charges, and roaming. I hated every single company. But, then I found Republic - you guys are so smart, I love it!"

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