Invest in You

Your money should be spent on things that really matter.

Small decisions that save tens of dollars here or there a month can really add up. On average, our members save over $1,000 a year when they switch from Unlimited. Hear from some Republic Wireless members about how they have used their savings with us to invest in their stories.

With smart simple everyday decisions, you can live your best life.

Our mission

We're not the typical cell phone carrier. We don't want you to spend hundreds of dollars with us each month. 

We know you have better things to spend your money on than your cell phone plan – and we work every day to deliver unbeatable value to our members. It's time to stop overspending on your cell phone bill and start investing in you.

Hear it from our members...

- Ray & Deb P.

"We just got back from Germany and Austria. It was probably the most enjoyable trip we've ever had.  We have saved over $6,000 in 5 years."

"We've been with Republic now for about 6 years and we've saved $7,000. We've been able to do trips like our 3 week trip to Scotland."

- Warren & Dianne H.

"We've been with Republic for 5 years now and we've saved about $5,000. It's helped us pay off a lot of debt. We were able to start a family; I've been able to stay home with Nathan."

- Kyra, Ron, & Nathan M.

The savings add up

Our average member pays only $22 a month for their cell phone plan –that can yield a savings of over $1k per year!

Service you can count on

There is a reason our 98% of our members stay with us month after month, without a contract

You're in good company

Join the hundreds of thousands of members who have collectively saved over $500M with our service.

Invest in you

We invite you to join thousands of members who are already saving hundreds on their cell phone bills.

Consider your monthly bill and just dream of what you could save for if your bill were just $22 per month with Republic Wireless. 

Members are sharing new stories every day

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- Rebekah E.

“Our family of 8 is debt free and Republic Wireless allows us to stay that way with amazing monthly savings and reliable service.”

“Using the money we save each month to save for a down payment on a house. Thanks @republicwirelss for helping me to keep the budget on track.”

- Alia L.

“I’m able to use the money I’m saving with @republicwirelss on my graduate level courses. Every dollar helps!”

- Phil R.

“I have been a customer for 6 years, I now have 5 phones and have put the savings into a college fund for the kids. We will be able to pay for all of their books for all four years for each kid with what we have saved.”

- Jenn S.

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